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Samurai (侍)

House Jurai is well known for its eight noble Samurai families.  These elite warrior houses have set themselves apart from one another with unique traditions, customs, values, combat techniques, hobbies, and pastimes.  As the best of the best, the only honor higher than being Samurai is to lead one of these respected families.

Led by legendary warriors from every walk of life, each family is headed by a Lord or Lady.  The family head is in charge of overall family operations, while their chosen Seneschal is in charge of the day-to-day family and household operations, ensuring the protection of the family’s relatives and charges, and may serve with the authority of their Lord/Lady as instructed or when the family head is incapacitated.  The Lord or Lady will primarily organize training and research, ensuring the family’s skills are kept perfectly honed.  This may include issuing challenges to other Samurai families.  Under rare circumstances, a family head has been given leave to directly issue an honor challenge to a respected and skilled enemy to maximize the efficiency of war, reducing wasteful destruction.  The head of each family is ultimately responsible for overseeing or conducting the final trial of those warriors of blood relation wishing to be recognized as Samurai, or those under consideration for adoption into the family.

The path to becoming a Samurai is not an easy one.  Once a Jurai warrior is certain they want to make the journey, they must find a willing sponsor within that family who will prepare them for what lies ahead.  The sponsor should typically not be the Lord or Lady of the family, as they have other concerns that demand their attention, but the family heads have been known on occasion to reach out personally to certain individuals.  The sponsor will determine when and if the warrior may be ready for adoption by the family, and will be responsible for contacting their Lord or Lady to arrange for a trial.  All family heads have the authority to accept or deny such requests without question, and each may have their own ways of testing an individual.  While combat prowess is an essential skill for acceptance by a noble warrior family, individuals will also be appraised on a number of other qualities, which may include intelligence, philosophies, and other noble studies.  Each family is run differently, and each trial may be unique.  If accepted as a Samurai family, the Lord or Lady will publically announce the elevation of status, and the news will be broadcast throughout Jurai territory.

A Samurai family name is more than a title or decoration, and more than a badge of honor or skill.  House Jurai considers our Samurai warriors to be superior citizens, warriors, and human beings, who have displayed honor, committment and loyalty beyond that of the typical warrior; beyond reproach.

HJ Command is more likely to endow their trust in one that has committed themselves to a family.  Samurai will be more likely to receive promotions and extra responsibilities, and are likely to receive preferential combat postings.  All of Jurai's command staff is currently comprised of pilots who have proven themselves as dedicated Samurai family members, and only Samurai may hold certain top command positions with access to highly classified intelligence.

The trials of war, apathy, insufficient activity, and -- sadly -- even intentional acts of dishonor, have at times caused certain Samurai houses to fall out of favor with the Royal Family.  Most commonly this may occur when Samurai family training and trial processes are not properly executed to ensure quality membership, or when too many Samurai have retired from active combat, are on leave, or have perished in battle.  When a Samurai family does fall out of favor, the Royal family will take steps to ensure that honor is restored.  While out of favor, the Lord or Lady of a Samurai family may be challenged to a duel by any member of that family, or any non-Samurai officer, for leadership of the family.  For the Lord/Lady to refuse such a duel is to forfeit their right to lead the family to the challenger.  In darker times, early in House Jurai's independence, more severe actions had to be taken against certain rogue Samurai families for committing treason against the House and the Royal Family.  Those family names no longer exist in the annals of Jurai.

Glory and prestige can also elevate a Samurai family to high regard.  One Samurai family at a time will hold the honor of being the Royal Guard for the Imperial Family.  The Warlords and Royalty will determine which family will carry this honor at any given time, based on observable actions, both on and off the battlefield.

Imperial House of Jurai (樹雷皇家)

House Jurai Jurai Family

The Royal Family bears the name of the House itself: Jurai. The family is closed to outsiders, and picks and chooses its kin carefully. Only those who have Jurai blood in their veins may run the House for extended periods of time, although well regarded Samurai have also been trusted with this task for short periods. Jurai maintains political dominance within the House, and is the keystone that unites all of the Samurai families.

Jurai has been a noble family for many centuries, long before they revolted against the Draconis Combine. Along with the military forces loyal to them, House Jurai convinced ten other noble houses to follow their lead, as well as with countless loyal civilians, divorcing themselves from House Kurita and departing for the deep periphery to carve out a new empire called House Jurai, away from the meaningless destruction of the continuing Succession Wars, and the culture intolerance of Takiro Kurita.

Lord Haydon Jurai and Seneshal Maxtac Jurai work long and hard to maintain the House. Besides the constant threat of enemy aggression, the daunting task of maintaining a large empire, and constant expansion into surrounding territory, the Jurai family must also zealously endeavor to keep one another’s eccentricities in check, lest a whim or fancy result in senseless wars or executions. A deep seated paranoia is a common trait of the Jurai bloodline.

The Imperial Family’s numbers remain small, both for political safety and because of the trust required to bring others into the Royal circle.  To join the Jurai family, and to become a Royal Samurai, are the highest honors that can be bestowed upon anyone.  Many endeavor their entire lives seeking nothing more than a way into the family, without ever achieving it.  Sometimes those lives are very short -- courting a Jurai Royal solely for political gain is an excellent way to an early grave.

Children of the Royal family are often fostered out to one of the other noble houses to be raised as one of them, with their ancestry kept secret from as many as possible.  This is done to protect the Royal offspring, to form strong bonds between Jurai and the other noble families, and so Jurai Samurai learn some of the special abilities and techniques used by other Samurai of the House.  A Royal’s actual parentage isn’t revealed until, and unless, that person exhibits the qualities necessary to lead House Jurai into the future. 

Special Abilities

The grandeur of the Royal family has caused them to have eccentric -- but exceptional -- taste in all things, including their mates. After centuries of coupling with the best specimens from all of House Jurai’s noble families, the Royal Bloodline is a mixing pot of pure awesome. When the natural talents of a mature Jurai family member are witnessed, there is little doubt about them being special, and some wonder if they aren’t descended from the gods themselves.

The native traits of the Jurai family have always been an intense paranoia, and an ability to read people. These traits have served the family well, and have prevented numerous assassination attempts and terrorist plots throughout the House’s history. Initiated and trained by current Jurai Royals, the ISS is now well prepared to handle most any threat against the Royal family, and are masters at spreading disinformation.

Jurai Royals also have an intense fascination with battle strategy and supply lines, and are well known for their historical knowledge of just about any recorded conflict. Jurai territories are always well defended and well supplied, and their borders are nearly impenetrable. On the offensive, Jurai nobles skillfully direct the IJAF in cutting off enemy supply lines, disrupting communications, and piercing deep into the heart of enemy territory with little resistance. These skills are why three of the IJAF’s four Warlords are of the Royal bloodline.

[Popular Quote] "A Jurai always pays his debts."

[Favorite Quote] "Hear me roar!"

[Battle Cry] "Come on you sons of bitches; do you want to live forever?"

[Theme Song] Aesthetic Perfection - The Ones


[Celebration Song] Sisters of Mercy - Dominion


[Legendary Samurai] KingToady was once the Khan of Clan Godzilla, enemy of HJ. During battlefield communications with a Tai-sa Kaeda Jurai, KT fell in love with her. After Godzilla's total defeat, KT asked to be taken as her bondsman, and years later would marry her. Eventually KT earned the distinction of being named a Samurai of Jurai.

[Legendary FigureRyouku, also well known under the the aliases Unipuma and Ishtar, was at the heart of our rebellion against Kurita rule.  Many members of her Cultural Resistance Movement would follow HJ to the periphery and become loyal Jurai citizens.  Sadly, before Lynx was able to rescue her from a Kurita prison, torture had severed her tenuous grasp on reality.  She lived out her remaining life in a Jurai mental health facility.

[Legendary Figure] A close, personal friend to Ryouku, Noriko was a primary supporter of Lynx's independence movement.  She was largely responsible for the formation of the Culture Resistance Movement, and helped convince many of the members to join Jurai in open rebellion and voluntary exile.

[Legendary Figure] Although born a bastard child, Rock was a PR god, able to infect people with his personal opinions.  Luckily for us, he was very much impressed by Lynxcat and favored an Independent Jurai.  After HJ was formed, Rock’s propaganda would help swell the ranks of the IJAF, and kept the troops spirits high.

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The Family Heng (橫家族)

House Jurai Heng Family

Born and reborn in the fires of combat, Heng Samurai are not so much chosen, as called. They all have one thing in common; at some point in their life, all Heng Samurai have received a vision or premonition of their own, eventual deaths. Some Juraians come to Heng keen to discover some clue to their end of days, and with such knowledge fight all the harder before thatfinalday comes, while others, faced with a vision of their doom, come to Heng for understanding and a way to deal with such devastating knowledge. The Heng Way provides for both seekers, and so much more – if they are willing to risk their life for it…

To become a Heng Samurai is to undergo trials of combat, and a journey to the trial of vision where they will be injected with a mixture of bacteria and synthetic drugs designed to elevate their innate psychic abilities. This will burn through their mind for a week giving them strange feverish visions and dreams – or it will kill them. True Heng know they will survive as they have been called, and accept the risk to become Heng in body, spirit and mind.

The Heng way is known to some as the Wisdom of Doing. Heng welcomes all Juraians who have a sincere and burning desire to learn and improve. Where Tokomi may only take the best of the best, the Heng Family seeks potential, and through the Wisdom of Doing, turns that potential into skill and ability. Through this dogma, Heng has become the backbone of the Jurai military, and Heng Samurai can be found fighting in all services, secure in the knowledge that they fight without risk – at least to themselves – until the Day of Endtime.

Because of this, Heng Samurai range from fearless daredevils assured that today is not their day to die, to warrior monks who prize thought over instant action. Both kinds are needed to make sure that wisdom tempers actions that might have dire consequence – but also boldness overcomes over-thinking.

Lord Asmudius Heng and Seneschal Taipan Heng are both paragons of the Heng Way, and are quite willing to share the double-edged blade of knowledge and finality that is the Heng Way with others admitted to the Family.

Special Abilities

The ability of Heng Samurai to see the future is legendary, but how this manifests is extremely variable. It is known by many names: Heng-sight, seer visions, precog, battle flow, dream echoes. Heng institutes continue to study the Heng powers, but experimentation is extremely regulated.

Warrior samurai practiced in the Wisdom of Doing are all trained in Battle Flow, a state where the near future can belikean open book. Fluent in the possibilities of the near future, Heng Samurai develop an innate ability to react to events milliseconds before they occur, often unaware they are doing it. This Channelling of the Near Future is the blessing of the Heng Family warriors, much as the vision of Endtime is considered by some to be its curse.

Some Heng also call forth Waking Visions where they can see events much further into the future with startling clarity, while others can also experience The Dreamscape, which are surreal dreams full of symbolism and mystery; a confusing mix of premonition, subconscious dreams, and nightmares.

Entry Requirements

To be Heng is to be both blessed and cursed with the ability to see the future. To be Heng is to be unflinching in the face of knowing the good and the terrifying of what is to come. Heng Samurai often know the outcome of actions – so the journey to that point becomes the important aspect not just the end result.

As such, the family Heng prizes analysis, learning and constant improvement as our calling cards. We see ourselves as innovators; unafraid to try new things, as well as perfecting what we know works.

In our fiction Heng Samurai range from fearless daredevils assured that today is not their day to die, to warrior monks who prize thought over instant action. Both kinds are needed to make sure that wisdom tempers actions that might have dire consequence – but also boldness overcomes over thinking.

In practice, we value training, learning, information, and sharing that with all of Jurai. Heng has a long history of working with all members to conduct training and helping everyone succeed, while always working on our own skill and never being satisfied unless we were perfecting a specialist art – or expanding our horizons to new techniques and methods of combat and tactics.

Most of all we prize victory for Jurai – and like the phoenix that is our symbol we rise if we do fall burning brighter than before. The greatest lessons are in defeat, the sweetest victories over adversity.

Candidate Requirements

  • Any warrior of Jurai can apply to Heng, or be approached by a Heng samurai about joining as long as they are rank Sho-Ko or above.
  • All Heng candidates must prove their interest and aptitude for the culture of Heng and the attributes Heng values the most.
  • The candidate must prove their aptitude in team combat to be considered for sponsoring. Team combat means facing a full enemy team. 4 mans drops do not count.
  • The length of time to prove these requirements will vary and the final say on moving to a formal trial shall be determined by the Lord of Heng, or the seneschal in the Lords absence.

Trial Details

Trials will be conducted in MWO while on Comms. Exact details will vary but the following broadly apply.

  • The candidate will drop with his or her sponsor and as many Heng Samurai as are available.
  • In game over at least a dozen drops, the sponsor and Heng observers will assess:
    • Personal piloting skills
    • Situational Awareness
    • Teamwork
    • Performance Under Pressure
    • Adaptability & Innovation
    • Leadership

Trial Review

The assembled Heng will classify the candidate in one of the following three categories:

More To Learn - If the candidate shows aptitude for 1-2 of these characteristics they will not be admitted to Heng

  • The Lord or Seneschal and the Sponsor will give them a full debrief of where we think they need to improve their skills. They will be allowed to reapply in a month’s time to try again if their skills have improved.
  • If they retest with only 1-2 characteristics again, they will be refused entry to Heng having shown no desire for learning and improvement.
  • If they show greater aptitude than the previous trial they will be eligible for probation or ascendancy.

Probationary Heng Candidate - If the Candidate shows aptitude in 3-4 of these characteristics, they will be on probation but need to show their commitment to self improvement.

  • Candidates will be debriefed about performance and where they need to improve. They will then have 2 weeks to practice and improve with their sponsor and any other help they choose to enlist.
  • If no attempt to improve those skills they will be denied entry to Heng.
  • Should improvement be shown, but not enough to count 5-6 competencies the candidate will have a single week to improve and try one last time. Should they show little further improvement they will be denied entry into the family Heng.
  • If they show significant improvement in their skills, with 5-6 of the required prerequisites, they will become an Ascendant Heng candidate

Ascendant Heng Candidate - If the candidate shows aptitude for over 5 or 6 of these things they will be debriefed on their performance and be considered ascending to become a Heng Samurai.

  • The candidate has shown extreme skill, but will be asked to improve on whatever they did struggle with, and will be asked to pick a single skill to specialise in for further practice.
  • The candidate will have 1-2 weeks to practice for the final trial.
  • Should the Heng members be impressed by the Ascendant candidate’s improvement and their specialist’s skills they will move to the Trial of Vision.
  • If the candidate shows no improvement they will be denied entry to the family Heng

The Trial of Vision - This will be an informal interview with the Lord of Heng to discuss what they have learned, and why they want to be in Heng.

  • The Lord, Seneschal, Sponsor & other attending family members will then review the candidate and make a final decision on acceptance into the Family Heng.

[Quote] "I just foresaw your death. Guess who pulled the trigger?"

[Trivia] It is said that Balthain Heng and Asmudius Heng were the instigators of the Newcastle planetary assault after they become so drunk on Newkies they inflated the planet Newcastle's value in the eyes or the warlords to the extent that they would attack it and provide the Hengs with more beer!

[Legendary Samurai] Balthain Heng was the master of the assault mech. Succinct, and deliberate – each battle was like a deadly choreographed dance to music no-one but he could hear…

[Quote] "Roger Dodger Over Under!"

[Trivia] The Heng Samurai family nearly fell into a bloody civil war when Maxtac Heng was elevated to the Juraian Royal family, leaving a power vacuum.

[Epic Battle] Heng Samurai led the defence of Arcadia IIC against Clan Steel Viper. After several long, drawn-out encounters where the enemy was outmanoeuvred and countered at every turn – the Clanners were taken by surprise by a reckless barbarian rush by Juraian forces which broke the Clanners' moral and forced them to retreat from the planet in humiliation.

[Trivia] The family Heng were once considered somewhere between unhinged to outright insane before the family reformed under the leadership of Maxtac Heng.

[Battle Cry] "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeble!!!"

[Epic Battle] DarkViper Heng once distracted an entire enemy force for a number of minutes while the rest of Jurai destroyed their force from the cover of heavy fog. The enemy formed a conga line and were picked off from back to front while DarkViper evaded and dodged. His mech left was barely functioning with nothing but his cockpit, engine, and a single leg remaining functional – Jurai incurred no other significant damage.

[Legendary Samurai] Maxtac Jurai as he is now known was once the Patriarch of Heng. He brought the Family out of the pits of madness and irrelevancy to become a powerhouse family – his legacy lives on though he is now a royal Jurai Samurai.

[Quote] Knowledge is Power – Pray you have the wisdom to use it.

[Trivia] There are rumours that Heng perform dangerous and possibly unethical mind experiments to expand their psychic powers.

[Quote] Are Heng Samurai blessed or cursed? Only those not of Heng use such labels.

[Trivia] Clan Nova Cat are also known to have visions in similar ways to Heng. Some postulate that some people with this innate psychic ability were also in the star league exodus and perhaps related to the original Heng family.

[Quote] “So when do we start killin' Clanners?” – MadMac Heng.

[Trivia] Heng is a genetic bloodline but it is also now a philosophy that reaches out beyond blood. Samurai can be of Heng, blood and not – the trial of vision is even more intense for those of the Heng bloodline, however.

[Epic Battle] After being accused of hiding and scuttling away like cockroaches by Clan Wolf, Drop Commander Asmudius Heng reversed course and found the enemy within a minute. Another minute later all enemy mechs were dead – cockroach beats Wolf huh bitches?

[Epic Battle] MadMac Heng once commanded a drop where he was so drunk that he could not see the compass heading on his HUD. He also insisted all pilots must also drop drunk. Jurai won the drop convincingly - with only a few teamkills…

[Trivia] There are some in Heng who prefer genetic Heng bloodlines over those who earn their way into Heng which has caused political discord.

[Epic Battle] Balthain Heng once killed the leader of the FWL known as Victor Morson with a single shot to his damaged left torso after good scouting intel helped him aim his snapshot. Before the enemy Atlas had a chance to crest the hill properly it had exploded. The FWL (Morson) promptly accused Balthain of cheating, not realising how critical hits work in MW4…

[Trivia] Some believe that the Dreamscape is more than a samurai’s dreams mixing with precognitive powers, but that it is a state where the minds of many Heng meet – a shared dream if you will. Some also believe that others outside of Heng might also be able to tap into this …

[Theme Song] The Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle Weapon 7


[Celebration Song] The Chemical Brothers - The Boxer


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The Tokomi Family (訪希深家族)

House Jurai Tokomi Family

Embracing the precepts of the ancient goddess, Lady Tokomi, these battlefield elite take great pride in their honor and skill. Tokomi Samurai have proven themselves as nobility and warriors time and again, inside and outside their 'Mechs. Known for issuing and accepting duels with the best warriors in the galaxy -- be they noble born, low born, or even Clanner scum -- Tokomi aren't known for losing except to the most extreme odds or circumstances. Fiercely loyal, it is these Samurai who are most often chosen as the Royal Guards of the Family Jurai. Tokomi are often considered the conscience of House Jurai.

The Tokomi banner is often at the forefront of invading forces, having volunteered to take & hold a landing zone or lead a charge, yet they tend to suffer the lightest casualties. Invaluable as battlefield advisers, they possess not only strategic brilliance, but their ability to morally interpret a battle plan to best serve both the civilian population and House Jurai maximizes popular support. Enemy garrisons have found themselves in hostile territory after Tokomi Samurai have won over the population through acts of bravery and chivalry.

Founded by legends of old, the Tokomi family grew to include some of the best pilots in Jurai history, including over half the members of the Order of the Unforgotten. The Tokomi family continues this tradition of excellence, both with their own skill and their training of recruits and allies. Few trainees can hope to ever demonstrate the level of skill and personal honor to be invited to study with Family Tokomi, but the few that are have reason to be proud.

Special Abilities

Tokomi Samurai learn the "uncanny" ability to know exactly where their enemy is, and how they will act/react, once contact has been made.  Otherwise known as situational awareness, this ability nearly defines a "Combat Ace".  Many Tokomi are eventually able to take this a step further, planning their actions to precisely control a battle when engaging an opponent.  In a few rare cases, and especially when facing overwhelming odds and certain death, some Tokomi have been able to extend this ability to engage up to four opponents for a short time, which leads to a stunning, and seemingly impossible, victory  -- usually with very little in the way of injury to themselves or damage to their 'Mechs.  When in The Tokomi Zone, these samurai have even been seen to fight blindly in melee combat, or disable their Targetting Computers during BattleMech combat.

[Tokomi Battle Cry] "FOR THE ROYALTY!"

[Favorite Battle Formation] The Bushy Blitz

[Theme Song] Megadeath - Symphony of Destruction


[Battle Song] Flight of the Valkyries


[Celebration Song] Another One Bites the Dust


[Trivia] Arizona, the current Lord of the Tokomi family, is affectionately known internally as ‘Prime’. This may also be a rub regarding his clanner origins and bionic implants.

[Did you know?] Tokomi Samurai tend to have extreme personalities on any end of a spectrum, but one common trend is that they are as loyal to their lover(s) as they are to Jurai.

[Popular Quote] "Fight each battle as if it were your last, but learn from each as if you will fight forever."

[Popular Quote] "If I was sportin' man, I'd let you walk away now. But how much fun would that be?"

[Trivia] Tokomi Samurai tend to be highly skilled with a variety of firearms, melee weapons, and hand to hand combat techniques.

[Trivia] Arizona and Illusion are the only individuals not of Royal blood to be elevated to the rank of Warlord within House Jurai.

[Legendary Samurai] Two Tokomi -- CWarrior ('Doc Holliday'), and Lirch ('Wyatt Earp') -- were the fiercest combat pair House Jurai has ever known to this date. Also nicknamed “The Cleaner” and “The Decaffinator”, this duo would regularly rack up more kills during a battle than an entire standard Company of ‘Mechs, and were instrumental in the destruction of several Clans.

[Trivia] Tai-shu Haydon Jurai was once a Tokomi Samurai, but his Royal descent was uncovered by the JNN after he gained infamy battling on Herotitus.  A few years later he was welcomed into the Jurai family.

[Legendary Samurai] Sometimes referred to as "The Shihan", Lost1 was the third member of the Tokomi family to achieve Samurai status.  After a brief but shining career, Lost1 retired to raise a family.

[Legendary Samurai] Little is written about Darkwind.  Formerly known by the callsign Hunter in his prior military career, this warrior defected to House Jurai, and would later be adopted by the Tokomi family.  Oral tradition says he retired to a monastery shortly after his acceptance as a Tokomi Samurai, however.

[Legendary Samurai] That quiet guy in the corner? Yeah, he can kick your ass. That's Silencer Tokomi.

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The Ozora Family (大空家族)

House Jurai Ozora Family

Although never one of the larger families, Ozora has remained at the forefront of House Jurai activities for decades. Considered an underdog by many, the family has gained power and respect through their loyal dedication, and their remarkable abilities with electronic & mechanical equipment. While it is true many of the other great families display stronger battlefield prowess, the Ozora way is not through brute force, but rather tenacity & cunning. “Known your enemy,” is an unofficial credo of the family who are known for their stubbornness, battlefield awareness, and intricate knowledge of engineering weaknesses. Commonly tinkering with anything they can get their hands on, be it hacking data pads or tweaking BattleMech systems, the Ozora family has a legacy of bringing ideas from the drawing board to the battlefield with exceptional speed and reliability.

The current Ozora Lord, Tiny, continues to ensure that his family remains dedicated to its mission of providing constant support to battlefield operations, and ensuring the lights stay on. With a brashness and exuberance that comes from youth, the actions of the young family have caused some of the more traditional Families to be weary of Ozorans and their actions. There is no doubt, though, that Ozora will remain one of the steadfast families within House Jurai. With the innovation and motivation of those with something to prove, Ozora looks to help build a bright new future for House Jurai.

Special Abilities

An affinity for machines, data, and technology give Ozora Samurai an edge in combat, be it compensating for damage to a servo that would cripple most other pilots, or targeting specific systems on an enemy in order to cripple them in the shortest period of time.  Ozora soldiers have been known to make battlefield customizations to suit their environment, hack into enemy satellite communication networks, and jury-rig better-than-new repairs during long term campaigns.

[Popular Quote] "Focus your mind, become part of machine and nature, then you will truly exist."

[Popular Quote] "Dance like you've never danced before!"

[Battle Cry] "Jurai wants it, and so shall it be!"

[Theme Song] Seven Nation Army – White Stripes


[Legendary Samurai] Although young , brash, and a bit timid in person, Jovus became Lord of Ozora as the result of a leadership duel. Always eager for additional assignments, one night he disappeared from his bed, and it was rumored the ISS recruited him.

[Legendary Samurai] Mertog Ozora was one of House Jurai’s top aces, on par with the best Tokomi and Heng had to offer. That is, until a cockpit hit injured his hand, making it hard to grip his favorite soldering iron. After that he lost his nerve, and began teaching electrical engineering.

[Legendary Samurai] TopGun Ozora always second-guessed his decision to pilot a ‘Mech instead of an AeroFighter, so we procured him a Phoenix Hawk LAM.  Then one day he flew off and we never heard from him again.  No wreckage was ever located.

[Legendary Samurai] More techie than warrior, Violator never racked up many kills, but he was key in modifying our tech to operate efficiently in the high-Gs of Herotitus.

[Legendary Samurai] Although instrumental in retrofitting HJ 'Mechs for many harsh environments during the House's infancy, and being a Samurai of some skill, Chappers' warrior dossier is mediocre at best.  It seems his personal ‘Mech was always in disrepair, and malfunctions caused him to miss many a battle.

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The Kagato-Armitage Family (神我人 アミテージ家族)

House Jurai Kagato-Armitage Family

Born in the fires of desperation, House Jurai and the IJAF have always had strong roots in piracy and rebellion. Of course, if struggling for freedom against an oppressive Kurita regime also happened to be profitable, none of the noble families of House Jurai were going to complain. Although the modern empire and IJAF have little in common with these roots, certain “noble” houses have no problem keeping these traditions alive; namely Kagato-Armitage.

Ages ago, Kagato earned a reputation as “honorable pirates” even when it was a noble family of House Kurita. They were only barely tolerated by Kurita because of their ability to get things done quickly, surpassing political red tape. Well, that, and the family’s propensity to produce very desirable females, which kept them in political favor with many other noble families. Having suffered Kurita restrictions and inspections long enough, Kagato threw in with Lynxcat’s rebellion, lending their guns and skills to the IJAF before House Jurai’s independence was assured.

The Armitage family was well known and well connected, but most other families looked down upon them due to their extreme technophillia. Armitage samurai were disciplined young men and women set on enhancing their combat performance in any way possible, commonly including a sophisticated and drastic merging of human and machine.

Shortly after House Jurai gained independence, when it was announced that famous heroine and Ki pilot Sho-sa Miika Kagato was to marry the then-Lord of the Armitage family, military forces nearly had to be called in to control the chaos of rioting and celebration that occurred throughout Jurai occupied territories. The union of these two different and “lower” noble families, both bent on victory at all costs, would eventually lead to their total integration, and the birth of a new high noble family. This new, powerful family changed the face of House Jurai and the IJAF forever, creating a technological bond between pilot and machine, and forming a tightly knit group who accepted only loss & suffering from the enemy, sworn by blood loyalty to the Royal Family.

In recent years the family has made compelling, and wholly unnatural, connections with their equipment, but in doing so have made remarkable advances in artificial intelligence, prosthetics, and brain-computer interface technologies. Besides the obvious applications in medicine, industry, and the military, they’ve stepped up the game on the battlefield by generating an entirely new breed of BattleMech. Maverick K-A earned the distinction of being the first to test pilot a “pet” mecha, a fully realized and aware BattleMech intent on serving its master with the loyalty and ferocity of a war hound or war horse. Although expensive technology, the Kagato-Armitage family has manufactured several these new prototypes, which are capable of carrying on in battle regardless of a pilot's death or loss of consciousness. It is said that after seeing one of these prototypes in action, Warlord Haydon Jurai immediately submitted a list of requirements for a pilotless machine, mounting BattleMech weaponry, which would follow a master into battle. This is an unconfirmed rumor, however.

Despite their heavy investment in military and other technology, in the last decade the family have produced very few samurai and had very little involvement in IJAF actions. That, along with a leadership dispute and accusations of a Newkie smuggling ring, has put Kagato-Armitage on shakey ground with the Royal Family. Although Maverick currently sits as Lord of K-A, his cousins JJ and Rinoa dispute his succession, and have leveraged their political connections to ensure that Maverick does not receive majority support within the family. At this time, it appears the three samurai may have to decide the matter on the battlefield, in honorable combat.

Special Abilities

Kagato-Armitage are obsessed with cybernetic enhancements that link their minds and bodies directly to their electronics and equipment. Although anyone could theoretically endure the surgeries required for this level of mind-machine interfacing, or wish for the enhanced body parts now available, the Kagato-Armitage passion for it has allowed them to achieve a high success rate with the procedures and integration. These surgeries and augmentations are not cheap, but the Kagato-Armitage family has a policy of covering the costs for any of their samurai that wish enhancement. Such augmentation does come with a social cost, however, but no K-A samurai has ever considered the price too high.

[Quote] "Ally with the machine, fight the tyranny, and never look back."

[Quote] "Mercy is for cowards."

[Battle Cry] "TURN THEM TO GLASS!"

[Theme Song] Alestorm - You Are a Pirate


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The Nisshoko Family (日章家族)

House Jurai Nisshoko Family

Nisshoko samurai are well known for their pride -- not merely in their abilities and personal appeal, but also their intense self-reliance and willpower. Although a smaller family, these hearty warriors tend to have a distinguished and highly decorated combat record, because they are hearty warriors that never flee from battle, with a fierce loyalty to House Jurai. Nisshoko seeks more from its members than being excellent warriors. Loyalty and ferocity are valued above all else. One benchmark would be the Tepes Armband. This combat ribbon is awarded to those warriors who, despite impossible odds or being nearly incapacitated, fight on and manage to get just one more kill.

The family had survived many years of poor leadership, until inactivity and negligence weakened the bloodline. A rash of bad decisions, politically unfavorable marriages, and poor business choices left the family coffers depleted, and their political power nearly extinguished. However, the family has recently positioned itself to become a pivotal component of the IJAF. Lord Rescue Nisshoko, a business tycoon and socialite, now leads this noble family. Having convinced wealthy playboy & retired “ace pilot” Nexx to return to active duty and become his Seneschal, the two samurai pooled the family's accounts, along with their personal fortunes, in order to purchase a controlling share in Nakajima Heavy Industries, the IJAF's largest defense contractor. The legality of this move has been questioned by civilian parties, but with their renewed political connections and wealth, Nisshoko has succeeded in stonewalling any outside attempts to influence the business venture financially, politically, or legally. Nisshoko's proud and honorable name no longer stands in question -- at least, not if you know what's good for you.

Wielding the vast economic power of Nakajima, the political sway of the Royal Family, and the military strength of the IJAF, the Nisshoko family has moved to secure their power base. Rumors abound placing the Nisshoko family at the heart of hostile takeovers of non-Jurai corporations. Nisshoko is funneling increasingly more money and raw material into Nakajima and their other corporations each day. It remains anyone's guess where the future of Nisshoko is headed, but for certain it will be lead with holovids of handsome Nisshoko family members promoting new Nisshoko variants of classic Nakajima weapons and war machines, or selling you on the latest soft drink phenomenon.

If that thought made you a little thirsty, relax; order a Jurai Cola. The first one is on Nisshoko.

Special Abilities

The Nisshoko bloodline merges the usually at-odds traits of high intelligence and charisma. Have a conversation with any Nisshoko to discover that they are both deep philosophers, struggling to understand the complex truths of existence, and dead sexy, chiseled images of human perfection. Sit down for a quick cup of tea with a Nisshoko, and by the end you’ll be ready to lay down your life or open your wallet, and probably come out considerably wealthier and better connected for it

The Nisshoko charisma extends beyond their physical appearance; they are well noted for being jovial and liked even among the most hardened and skeptical battle veterans, and are often chosen as hosts of IJAF shows. The main pitfall a Nisshoko need avoid is the black hole of narcissism, which has consumed many past Samurai of this noble family.

[Quote] "Forever seeking to expand consciousness....."

[Quote] "Oh sure, I'd love to date you, but I don't know if you measure up to my rather high standards....


[Theme Song] The Real McCoy - Run Away


[Theme Song] AC/DC - Thunderstruck


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The Asagiri Family (朝霧氏族)

House Jurai Asagiri Family

Dual natured, the Asagiri are healers and entertainers, as well as having produced notable samurai. They are often found conducting the support activities that allow House Jurai to function, providing M.A.S.H. units, keeping non-military supplies flowing to the troops, and bringing emotional relief from the otherwise unrelenting and stern military life House Jurai warriors face. Considered the protectors of innocents, many Asagiri work to raise HJ’s children, educate its people, heal the sick, and provide for the needs of others.

Even the most militaristic of cultures have realized the place for the arts and its practitioners; that happy people are a healthy people, in body, mind and soul. War breeds casualties and depression like the insects that cluster over the dead of the battlefield. Unlike our other noble families, which focus on improving combat prowess through physical and mental disciplines or augmentation, the Asagiri family is dedicated to maintaining the physical and emotional well-being of the warriors of House Jurai, and encouraging the creativity and self-respect that can turn a good warrior into a great leader.

The Asagiri are a magnet for the unconventional, and those seeking freedom to openly express their true selves. It is these qualities that found them a strong supporter of the Culture Resistance Movement, which would eventually spurn revolution and see the founding of House Jurai.  There are rumors of dark rites performed -- a hidden nature to the Asagiri, possession by animalistic demons, perverted sexual practices, etc. Lord McGov and Seneschal JoeKano encourage their family to express themselves in any way they wish, so long as they do not inflict unwanted harm on others in the pursuit of their pleasures.

Often seeking to protect and nurture others, it may come as no surprise that Asagiri are in their element when defending. Holding IJAF positions and lines against counter-attack, and providing quality support for local garrisons, an Asagiri warrior will face down any odds. Unwilling to retreat while others remain vulnerable, these samurai are masters at distracting, detaining, and defending against all enemies.

Special Abilities

Asagiri assimilate many physical and mental techniques to speed their own healing, as well as that of other injured persons. These durable warriors bounce back quickly from their own injuries and illness, and seem to almost ooze an aura of healing in their vicinity. Asagiri females are typically Angels of Mercy on the battlefield, able to sustain life and renew health to all but the most terribly injured. It is said that -- given enough time, sake, sugar cookies, and the company of an Asagiri – there are no physical or mental wounds that cannot be cured.

[Quote] "So, uh, tell me... I was just wondering... are you a Sadist, or a Masochist?"

[Quote] "This wont hurt me at all..."

[Battle Cry] "Vidi, Vici, Veni!"

[Theme Song] Rough Sex, Lords of Acid


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The Satome Family (聡美家族)

House Jurai Satome Family

To be Satome is to be possessed of great battlefield ferocity, discipline in the arts - be they martial, musical, scholarly, or any other nature - and loyalty to the House Jurai.

Samurai of the Satome Family are proud, and often arrogant; but not without good reason. Their discipline in the arts forges them as highly skilled individuals, in whichever field they profess. Most commonly, the Satome Samurai are skilled in the art of the melee, as is evident in both their hand-to-hand combat prowess, and their mech piloting abilities.  It is often said that most of HJ’s success has involved a Satome Samurai being in some way responsible for hard-won victories, be it directly or indirectly...

This grand Family is not without its troubles, however. Millennia of misfortune at the fates decree has seen the family struck down should they ever fly too high. Most recently, a virulent and ultimately devastating plague that ripped through Satome territory, decimating the swelling numbers of Samurai to a mere hand-full of warriors.

Now the Satome must again rebuild to reclaim their former glory, and act once again as iron fist of Jurai.

Special Abilities

Martial art masters, each and every Satome has trained rigorously in a specific discipline, may it be the House's primary form, Aikido, or another school. Satome family members probably spend more time training outside of their machines than they do in. Anyone foolish enough to engage a Satome Samurai in fisticuffs will be in for the fight of their life.

Their recent malady has left most Satome more ferocious and passionate, often engaging the enemy with abandon. Since the incident, it isn’t uncommon for them to go completely berserk, so lance mates should be careful around an enraged Satome.

[Quote] "I don't want you to die for your country, I want you to make some poor son-of-a-bitch die for his!"

[Quote] "You won't escape....MY WRATH!"


[Theme Song] Alice in Chains - Rooster


Satome Family Members

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Families of Antiquity

House Jurai Families of Antiquity Family

Eleven noble families joined with the Jurai family to rebel against House Kurita, and followed Lynxcat's armada into the periphery to form House Jurai.  Only seven of those families remain.

As noted above, the Kagato and Armitage families merged, and survives today as Kagato-Armitage.

The other three family names have been stricken from record, after great dishonor forced the Royal Family to call for their total destruction.

Below we honor those Samurai of the Lost Families, who were loyal to House Jurai, and were not part of the indolence and betrayal that would later bring down their families.

[Legendary Samurai] Slaus

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