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  • Mechwarrior Online, Mechwarrior Tactics, and Hawken all look like promising platforms for HJ's next big push in the Mech world.  Stay tuned for more...
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Released: Jun 1996

HJ's first game was NetMech DOS played over Kali.

Kali routed IPX over TCP/IP, combining a game launching platform with an IRC-like chat.

NetMech was a free multiplayer add-on for MechWarrior 2, intended only for LAN (up to 4v4) and Modem (1v1) play.  If you owned MW2, you could customize your 'Mechs, and more easily modify your control configuration.

Due to bandwidth restrictions of the day, organized Netmech battles were kept to 2v2.

Most serious players used wireframe mode almost exclusively, because it provided a very useful damage display, and was easier on the eyes (especially in low light).

The "jumpjet bug" allowed us to fly around like faeries, the "arm bug" caused a 'Mechs arms to act like giant shields (and made them useless for carrying weapons), and "lag shooting" would make this game difficult to master, due to the varying pings between players, and unstable pings of some opponents.  Mastering these quarks gave the game an element of skill that has yet to be produced in any other mecha game we know of.

There was also a Win95 version of Netmech which was not compatible with the DOS version, and later there were some 3D-enhanced versions of MW2 that included enhanced versions of Netmech.  There was a DOS MW2 expansion called Ghost Bear's Legacy, or GBL, which did not provide multiplayer support nor add to the multiplayer experience in any way.

View the Netmech Kill Board.

Netmech Leagues

Grand Council (GC) League

The Grand Council was a ladder for NetMech, and I believe one of the first, if not the first, source for organized Netmech combat.

HJ never joined the GC, though did have mock wars with a few GC units.  Their Kali server was the primary hangout for Netmech players in 96-97, and thus was instrumental to HJ's early recruiting.

The Registry League

The Registry was HJ's first planetary league. Our most famous battles were against CGZ (Clan Godzilla), especially those fought on the planet Herotitus. The Registry was plagued with long term automation problems, inactivity on the part of the admins, and a frustrating rule set. Despite these challenges, the HJ-GZ wars became a legendary aspect of Jurai history.

Lethal Heritage Stock League (LHSL) League

HJ members Justin Xiang and Ravage created this planetary league. While it never officially launched, the battles during the beta stage were a blast, and put NetMech to bed for us with a bang.

A side-ladder within the LHSL system, called Solaris 7, was a very active tournament system that HJ participated in as Team Hemlock & Asphyxia. Several HJ members ranked in the top 10.

The Killing Zone (TKZ) League

Run by "Paul the Nazi", this league catered to Paul's friends, who we loved to trounce. Despite numerous rulings, and even a unit-wide ban (which would see us all rejoin under the 4HJ banner), HJ continued to destroy every unit that stood in our way, and screwed up the admin's hope for a "stable" starmap.

World Netmech League (WNL) [Netmech] League

Not wanting to support TKZ's shenanigans any longer, HJ joined a new league called the WNL. WNL was where HJ (rather than 4HJ) saw the most Netmech action -- House Jurai was involved in dozens of wars with almost every team in the league. Remembered as probably the most competitive fun HJ had in a Netmech league.

The end date is a total guess, and should be adjusted as we rediscover better data.

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Released: Mar 1999

When MechWarrior 3's multiplayer component proved unpopular, especially among HJs, the House looked for a stop-gap game.  StarSiege would end up filling the large void between Netmech DOS and MechWarrior 4.

Although there were never any official leagues established for StarSiege, HJ was involved in a number of organized conflicts, server raiding parties, and active combat play. Active involvement with StarSiege also lead to the introduction of HJ's large Australian population, a tremendous group of loyal & hard fighting members that would stay on board to build the HJ reputation through a number of other games, including MW4.

View the StarSiege Kill Board.

StarSiege Leagues

General Activity - StarSiege League

There was never much in the way of organized combat choices for StarSiege.  Nevertheless, HJ played StarSiege heavily, having scheduled "mock wars" with units under agreed-upon terms, and would frequently do "server raids" where a pile of HJs would hop on a single server heavily occupied by another single group, eventually having the battles turn to Us vs Them.  HJ's favorite Herc was the Apoc.

Tokomi StarSiege League (TSSL) League

This attempt to introduce StarSiege units to the concept of planetary league combat wasn't very successful.  While HJ had some fun, and did dominate the map, very few other units joined, and even those didn't see the appeal.

TSSL was developed and run by our very own Haydon, who was then a member of the Tokomi family.

Those dates are totally made up, and need to be adjusted when we sort out the actual time frame. 

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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance

Released: Nov 2000

The original MW4 game.  HJs flocked to this game, where we became known for our fierce brawling skills, especially the Bushy Blitz.

View the MechWarrior4 Kill Board.

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance Leagues

NetBattleTech 4 (NBT4/NBT-IV) League

In HJ's first serious MW4 league, we started off as a pirate unit, so we could keep our name and wear our uniform. It turns out we make a great pirate unit.

April 2001 - HJ joins the NetBattletech 4 planetary league, using MechWarrior 4 (and later the BlackKnight expansion). We join as a pirate unit, which allows us to retain our name in the league, and start with 1 planet. After a few battles spread around the periphery, we quickly establish ourselves as a dominating force. Units begin paying tribute in the form of both C-bills and planets, in most cases so we'd just look elsewhere for units to beat up. The Capellan Confederation, lead by Eagle, plays it smarter, and we form a strong and lasting alliance with them. The extra resources emboldened and strengthened the House very quickly, which would lead to a long, massive, and very successful campaign against the Free Worlds League.

Highlight from IRC:

Sir_Morson: Oh my God.. HJ, you are mother f*@$*(&@ers!
Sir_Morson: FWL's
Sir_Morson: Total Funds : -394,569,654 C-Bills
Sir_Morson: I can't frikkin' jump! Now I gotta take out another loan.
Sir_Morson: Son of a..

Unfortunately, after that event, the league imposed a new rule that no unit could be raided into the red, which decreased the industry raid income we could obtain from FWL This invariable lead to a bigger, more dastardly plan, which would be initiated in early 2002.

4th quarter 2001 – After many successful recon and raid missions against FWL, HJ is able to get a pretty good picture of FWL's overall defense strategy. Looking to step up from thorn-in-the-side to spear-in-the-chest, a massive HJ assault fleet is dispatched to capture a core FWL planet. The fleet splits up, and jumps through FWL space disguised as separate raiding forces and transports.

November 2001 - At the Capellan Confederations vehement request, House Jurai absorbs the resources of a devastated Capellan mercenary unit, MAC, increasing HJ's overall resources by 1/3rd. The move causes many to start calling House Jurai a Mercenary unit, rather then a Pirate unit, but House Jurai continues to operate with an independent agenda.

January 2002 – The House Jurai assault fleet ships rendezvous at their intended destination, the planet Newcastle, which neighbors the FWL homeworld of Marik. Prior intel showed the planet to have a wealth of valuable industry, but a very light garrison of old ‘Mechs. HJ immediately launches a full scale attack. 423 House Battlemechs participate in the campaign. To our surprise, FWL manages to scrape together a sizable garrison of superior Battlemechs to defend the planet, 500 in all. They do so by utilizing a near-by mobile garrison fleet they had been holding in reserve from their front lines, and by taking out a loan from allies to purchase additional garrison ‘Mechs at the last minute.

Shortly after the attack on Newcastle is launched, the league admins, likely due to FWL whining and perhaps threats to quit the league, force HJ to upgrade to a Mercenary Unit, claiming it "unreasonable" for a Pirate unit to be powerful enough to launch a PA.

February 2002 – After tragedy strikes the ruling family of the Magistry of Canopus, House Jurai moves in, quickly restoring order to a shocked periphery house, and providing a stable infrastructure. The grateful MoC citizens welcome House Jurai, and agree to be annexed by them. HJ resources increase by almost 700%. House Jurai begins a major overhaul of the former MoC's military deployment strategy, to better defend the space against possible incursions by FWL and their new allies, including Clan Wolf. House Jura is now considered a “Minor House”.  (Having expanded very quickly since our forced upgrade to a Mercenary unit, and likely due to persistent whining from our enemies, the league admins were getting quite upset at how large and powerful we had become, and wanted to force us to change over to a a Periphery Unit, abandoning our current assets.  Merging with the idle MoC while retaining our current assets, but upgrading the unit status to Minor House was the compromise.)

April 2002 – The battle for Newcastle is finally over -- The Beer Planet is ours! Despite being out-gunned and out-teched, HJ is so successful that we are able to replace all our lost ‘Mechs with combat salvage. The Newcastle Planetary Assault marks the peak of HJ’s MW4 activity, and the win may well have been HJ’s time of highest morale ever. The celebrations lasted for weeks.  This would spawn HJ's obsession with "newkies" (Newcastle Brown Ale - which is, according to Gnuz Tokomi, "an unremarkable ale").

Unfortunately, due to league rule changes made well after the PA was launched, as well as our (forced) upgraded status to a Minor House, HJ’s plans for reinforcing Newcastle are suddenly no longer viable, allowing us no way to reinforce the planet before a counter-strike can be launched. Our cheeks still red from being slapped with new rules yet again, HJ does the next best thing to keeping the planet: we immediately sell the planet to our allies, the Capellan Confenderation, for a sizeable profit. CC is able to immediately garrison the planet, defending it and eventually launching attacks from it against other core worlds of our common enemy.

HJ battens down to defend against a new threat, Clan Wolf, after FWL gives them planets along our common border.

April 2002 - HJ controls 60 planets in NBT4.

May 2002 - HJ controls 62 planets in NBT4.

July 2002 - HJ controls 65 planets in NBT4.

Dec. 2002 - HJ controls 67 planets in NBT4.

Jan/Feb. 2003 – The NBT4 league winds down with a trickle of battles here and there. The final culmination is a showdown on Terra: House Jurai vs The Clans. The Clans are represented by Clan Diamond Shark, the Minnesota Tribe, and the Wolves in Exile.

We lost the final record vs WX, but know we did slightly better than our opponents against CDS (1st) & MT (2nd).  We successfully defended Terra from the Clans.  These battles marked the end of the NBT4 league, as it prepared to launch a new league, NBT-Mercs, which would use MW4:Mercenaries.

Lethal Heritage 2 (LH2) League

LH2 wanted to be a "simple" planetary league, easy to use, and without any BS.  The league was named after LHSL, JX's Netmech league.  They dropped the "stock" from the name, though, and allowed custom 'Mechs.  This one started out with MW4:V but eventually migrated to MW4:BK.

With no options to keep our own name, HJ took over House Davion in this league.  There were no resources to track.  Each unit could launch up to 2 Planetary Assaults per turn.  To win the league, any unit had to expand their territory by 16 planets from their starting amount.

By turn 3, HJ had gone from 13 planets to 18, gobling up parts of Liao and Marik, and were launching assaults on two other worlds, belonging to Marik and Kurita, all while defending from planetary assaults against us (3 during the 4th round).

I don't know the URL of the site after it moved during the 4th round, and don't know when the league ended, but HJ did win Round 1 of LH2, having started with 15 planets and eventually expanding to 31.

MechWarrior Leagues (MWL) League

I'm not entirely sure we did anything in this league, but if we did, it would have been for some flavor(s) of MW4.  The name sure sounds familiar, though.

Dates are completely made up. 

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MechWarrior 4: Black Knight

MechWarrior 4: Black Knight

Released: Oct 2001

The first Expansion for MW4 required the original game, and changed the game balance a bit.  While its reception was probably not as favorable as the original, more 'Mechs are always welcome, so it was accepted pretty widely.

View the MechWarrior4 Kill Board.

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MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries

MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries

Released: Nov 2002

A 2nd expansion to MW4, this could be played stand-alone.  The rebalances weren't all that favorable to HJ's style of play, but otherwise it was well accepted and quickly adopted for leagues in place of the other games.  Mercs would see multiple 3rd party mods by MekTek and NetBattletech which introduced more 'Mechs, more tech, and further balance adjustments.

When MS discontinued support for ZoneMatch, the in-game method for finding a server, MekTek released a patch that redirected the game to their own matching service.  Eventually MekTek would further upgrade the game, and re-release a free version of MW4:M with MS's permission.

View the MechWarrior4 Mercenaries Kill Board.

MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries Leagues

Astral Dominion League (ADL) League

HJ joined ADL when MW4:V was new, but the league stalled out.  I believe it was the first MW4 league we applied to.

I can't remember if we ever played in this league, or eventually abandoned it before it went live.  We were active in LH2 and NBT4 well before ADL finally got underway.

Revise dates. 

World Netmech League (WNL) [MW4] League

We re-joined WNL for MW4:Mercs.  However, old haters from Netmech and StarSiege came out of the walls like cockroaches, and through a negative forum campaign convinced the league admin, BlackThorn, that HJ and Lynxcat were evil.  After the first turn, which went very well for us, the league banned us; not for any rules violations for bad behavior, but on the assumption that we would be bad for the league.

Ironically, HJ was the largest and most active unit in WNL up until then.  The league quickly succumbed under inactivity and disinterest, and faded into oblivion.  This may be the only existing record left of the league. 

I have no idea the dates at this point, so made them up.

NetBattleTech: Mercenaries League

March 2003 – The NetBattletech–Mercenaries league begins, using MW4:Mercenaries. House Jurai joins NBT-Mercs as a pirate unit again, in order to keep our name. In recognition of our NBT4 exploits and our activity levels, we’re granted an extra planet (2 total) and additional resources. HJ pilots inform their leaders that they yearn to go back to HJ’s roots, and kill Clanners. The leaders decide to oblige our pilots.

2003 – We begin building up our forces and learning the new game balance by launching raids around the periphery, with a few probing strikes into Clan-occupied space. Contacting a few trusted associates within the Inner Sphere, we also seek, and receive, private funding from various league units with an interest in our anti-Clan operations.

October 2003 – Now with a sizable military fource, HJ launches an invasion against the Clan homeworlds – the Pentagon Worlds. These attacks include small and large raids aimed at weakening garrisons and stealing Clan OmniMechs, and an all-out assault against Arcadia II. This time, we’re playing for keeps, which no near-by allies for support. It’s just HJ vs The Clans.

? - HJ takes over Clan Snow Raven occupied sectors of Arcadia II, kicking the Snow Ravens out of the system. HJ reinforcements arrive, and the House digs in to defend against inevitable counter-attacks.

? – HJ forces defeat the first wave of Clan counter-attacks, this one by Clan Snow Raven.

The next Clan to try removing us from Arcadia II is Clan Steel Viper. After the first round of fighting, they make pathetic attempts to get us to leave without further combat:

(via Asmudius) CSV_Jager^Andrews: hell.. i'll give you 300 mill to leave now

(via Asmudius) CSV_Jager^Andrews: please tell me you guys are ready to leave the planet
(via Asmudius) CSV_Jager^Andrews: lmao
(via Asmudius) CSV_Jager^Andrews: do a brother a favor
Asmudius to Haydon: what is you response ;)
Haydon's Responce: After we take Arcadia IIC, if CSV give us Arcadia II prime without a fight, we'll not PA their other holdings.
Asmudius to Haydon: i think he wants to talk to you now ehehehe
(via Asmudius) CSV_Jager^Andrews: ill pay red legion to PA the HJ homeworld before i would do that
(via Asmudius) CSV_Jager^Andrews: besides.. FS already stated they arent going to pay for the damage to the indy
(via Asmudius) CSV_Jager^Andrews: hehe
(via Asmudius) CSV_Jager^Andrews: getting the PA fleet ready now
(via Asmudius) CSV_Jager^Andrews: hope you got something to defend with

Is that fear I smell?
Bribery - FAIL. Seriously, they call that a bribe?
Pleading - FAIL. Now that's just being pathetic
Appealing with Reason & Logical - FAIL. We had plenty of our own resources to cover the damage they did to our Industry by over-attacking, and didn't need to ask anyone else for assistance.
Threats - FAIL. The fools didn't even know where our hidden Pirate homeworlds were.

January 25, 2004 – For Tai-shu Haydon Jurai’s birthday, House Jurai successfully defends Arcadia II again, turning away the CSV assault force.

January 2004 – HJ launches an assault against the Clan Blood Spirit sectors on Arcadia II. They overgarrison, however, putting us at a severe disadvantage, and ruining their own Industry, despite the expensive cost to repair it, the loss of income, and the dishonor of a Clan defending against a Pirate attack with an overwhelming force.

Jan 2004 - Constant clanner bitching about our relentless attacks against the Pentagon Worlds lead to league rule changes – all Pirate Units are told to withdraw from Clan space, and the star map code is modified to prevent us from jumping back. Luckily, we were granted a temporary "exception", so long as we held on to at least one sector of a Pentagon world. We knew this would re-double Clanner efforts to kick us off Arcadia II, however, and destroyed all our long-term plans that we’d been working towards.

March 2004 - HJ routs a Clan Wolf attempt to re-take sector of Arcadia II. They aren’t even allowed to escape their drop zone before being forced off the planet.

? 2004? - HJ eventually loses Arcadia II to Clan Diamond Shark, thereby forced by new rules to completely withdraw from the Pentagon worlds to appease the whining Clanners. HJ's are disheartened by these obvious anti-HJ rules which have completely destroyed our every plan in the league thus far. This leads to a sharp decline on interest in the game and league. HJ seeks other targets, but finds none of real interest, and no real challenge. We eventually start a minor campaign against OWA, with the hopes of taking over a large number of their planets, which are nearby clan-occupied holdings within the Inner Sphere. However, OWA eventually announces that our successful campaign against them has devastated their unit’s morale, and they will be forced to go inactive if we continue our attacks. With no way to gain planets from inactive space, HJ allies with OWA instead.

The league winds down with a whimper of disinterest.  When the league closes, HJ has 6 planets (2 hidden, 4 not), having gained 6 and lost 2 over the course of the league.

Valor & Retribution (UTS-VnR) League

UTS (which stood for...?) put together a MW4:M planetary "stock" league, which required players to use league-provided 'Mechs based on Battletech canon 'Mech configs.

Need more detail.

The Start and End dates are approximated based on forum posts, updates on the sites, and when their 2nd hostname registration lapsed.  They could probably be improved through historical record, if we retained them.

An earlier version of their website.

Earlier banner image:

Shattered Sphere League (SSL) League

This one sounds familiar, too, but I don't know that we did anything in it.

Dates are made up, of course.

Sudden Death Mechwarrior 4 League League

Maxtac says: There was another Aussie ladder league, run out of Perth, WA, with TERRIBLE pings even for East Coast Aussies. Didn't stop us stomping them 2 years in a row. First year we won it convincingly, second year, there were so many HJ's that wanted to play, we fielded 2 teams. And it was a HJ vs HJ grand final. God it was hard slog. I think it was DV, Asmu, Tai and myself in one team (there were at least 2 others) and Mac, Kick, and a bunch of others in the other team (correct me if I'm wrong about that, gents and lady). I do remember it came down to the last few seconds, and some inspired work from my team won the day by the barest of margins.... great times.
That was the league where Asmu would come up with some amazing, wacked out strategy for the first half of a bout, then he'd come up with the strategy to beat the first one. So when the enemy changed their loadout to match our first one, we'd go to the second and be ready for them. It was inspired!

DarkViper says: That was a cool league. JK invented the Daisy Cluster fuck to stop the uller rush on the flags :) That and when they got to the flag his Suiside would garentee that they died too :)

Taipan says: That WA league was a lot of fun, the other teams hated us because of the crazy tactics we came up with. We didn't lose many matches, if any.

NetBattleTech: HardCore League

NBT-Hardcore opens, using a modded version of MW4:Mercs designed by the NBT league, in an attempt to increase overall interest in the game.  HJ joins NBT-HC as the Taurian Concordant, a minor Periphery House, in an attempt to avoid bullshit rules being made up to prevent us from being successful as a pirate unit.  Too little, too late, however – previous league BS caused a waning in HJ’s interest in NBT, and therefore in MW4.  We no longer cared enough to practice, so we lost our edge, our drop cohesion falls apart, and tempers flare.  All this results in further declining interest in the game.  We find it difficult to maintain sufficient activity to continue being a minor house, and there aren’t even enough mercs in the league to keep drops full under the current league rules.

? – Overall league activity has dropped.  Rules have to be modified to keep drops fun, allowing any available person to fill out drops, and lowering the number of people in drops.  The few units left active don’t much care to play during HJ’s preferred times (AU-friendly).  HJ changes units to Tortuga Dominions, which has a league status of major pirate unit, allowing us several planets, but demanding less activity from us.

? – July 2010 (and beyond a bit?) – overall interest in NBT-HC continues to decline, until just a select few hardcore MW4 players remain in the league.  The HJs that still play in the league: Arizona, Maxtac, Teralitha, ?Wolfsaber?, ???.  These individuals continue to fight alongside members of MT in combined HJ/MT operations.

This marks the last organized combat HJ participates in using the MechWarrior4 engine.

 The end date is based on the last scheduled battle; may not be completely correct.

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Mechwarrior Online

Mechwarrior Online


MWO is planned for a 3rd Quarter release in 2012, Mechwarrior is an upcoming free to play, action simulation game under development by Piranha Games for the Microsoft Windows platform. Development of the game is being led by Russ Bullock, president of Piranha Games, and is part of a licensing agreement with Smith & Tinker for the rights to create MechWarrior for the Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 platforms.

Currently this is the primary focus for active HJ gaming and IJAF operations.

Members Playing Mechwarrior Online

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Released: Nov 1998

StarSiege: Tribes was predecessor to StarSiege, in the "same universe", but without any mecha.  It was, plain and simply, an FPS.  While HJ had a decent-sized group that fought competitively under our banner in Tribes, most HJs at the time could not get behind an FPS.

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Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1942

Released: Oct 2002

A contingent of our Aussie members organized in Battlefield 1942, bringing Jurai domination to a new era of FPS.

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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

Released: Aug 2012

In this sequel to Guild Wars, House Jurai is forming a guild, and at this time is planning to play on the server "Sea of Sorrows".

Maverick is the acting Guild Leader at this point.

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