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Eladamri Heng   Hello to the three people that probably remember me, and everyone else. Whatever happened to Lynxcat?
Maxtac JuraiHey all! We've just set up the [JURAI] clan [shudder] in World of Warships. If you play on the NA server, are in HJ but haven't got an invite, friend HJMaverick, PremithiumX, or Maxtac_Jurai and apply for the clan [shudder].

This is the clan [shudder] blurb: The House Jurai split from the Royal line of Nippon as the war turned. Ignored by the Emperor's Admirals, we took our ships and 'went it alone.' Since that time, Jurai has accepted all those of like mind who wish to fight under our banner, building a fleet from all corners of the Earth. We fight for skill, for knowledge, and for JURAI!
House Jurai has been active for 20 years in a wide variety of games, most recently Warships and MWO.
Do you want to know more? Find us @ [link]

So if you want to come blow up ships with us, join the NA server (if you're not there already) and friend one or all the nicks in the top paragraph.

Note: If you know our history, you'll know why I [shudder] every time I have to use the word clan [shudder]. ;)
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